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We help get your sales message in front of more customers to get you more leads & enquiries.
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We help get your sales message in front of more customers to get you more leads & enquiries.

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Wollongong Businesses & Shellharbour Businesses use Boutique local business directories, Social Media & Business referrals to promote businesses effectively, professionally & inexpensively. We help you by providing additional engaging, exposure & content online & by obtaining additional leads from local customers. To my knowledge, we are the only local Illawarra based business that provide professional online business directories together with social media and business referral services specifically dedicated to the Wollongong and Shellharbour areas.


We don’t use outdated printed directories, which can be quite expensive & seem to be used by fewer & fewer people each year –  our directories are online, which is where the majority of business searches are conducted now a days! However having online products doesn’t mean you only get online support. Being local, I’m happy to provide you with Face to Face help if you book a priority package, just let me know if you’d like to catch up.


I established these local directories to help small to medium sized business owners with their online advertising, knowing that not all people are 100% happy dealing with the big corporates now a days & most are tired of paying huge amounts of money for quality local advertising.


I offer effective Online directories, Social Media and Business referral services, attentive local service, backed by over 20 years’ experience in the industry in Wollongong & Shellharbour together with very affordable prices. (you can see ad examples & prices via a link below).


Unlike some other advertising which can easily cost THOUSANDS each year - Our packages are extremely affordable. For example, a Priority A package is only $299 for a WHOLE 365 DAYS – an investment of about $5.75 a week) ... No need to mortgage your home when you promote your business with us! We even offer great discount packages for customers who purchase 3 or more ads…please ask us for further details.


We are achieving solid results for clients that have Priority Packages and naturally I'm keen to help you & your friends in business to benefit from our services as well.


Wollongong Businesses in The Media:

Here is an article that was written about us in the Advertiser Lake Times a while back  http://www.advertiserlaketimes.com.au/story/3482756/online-is-where-its-at/


What people are saying about us:

"I've been on both Wollongong & Shellharbour Businesses directories for around 3 x years - one of the best choices I made to help promote, market & grow my Davertainment business - Thanks David James!" - David Collins - Owner – Davertainment.

"The best online local listing service I've come across out of hundreds! Keep up the awesome work guys"– David Batson – Business Consultant – BEC Illawarra

"Great value for money advertising campaign for our local business!" - Claude Spinelli – Owner - Pro Sound & Lighting.



The most frequently asked question I get is “Why would people use Wollongong or Shellharbour Businesses…I haven’t heard of it, so why would my customers use it?”


Answer: It’s true, not everyone’s heard of us - we have very modest pricing for our packages, so unlike the big corporates, we don’t have a budget for large Television campaigns, but that said, online is a different world & our advertisers are frequently found using a Google search - people use Google every day to find the things they need to buy! For our clients with Priority packages, we also promote them on Social media and actively look for people needing their services, then refer our advertisers to the customers who are looking to buy.

Customers are finding our advertisers most every day & they may not necessarily need to look onto Wollongong or Shellharbour Businesses first, in order to find their ads.


Let me show you what I mean – Try searching the phrases below on Google & check the results for yourself:

When you do the example searches below, look for the "organic" results that have the green URL starting with "Wollongong Businesses" or "Shellharbour Businesses" - clicking on these listings with take you directly through to our client's ads.


1)     “Thai Massage Illawarra” & check the results

2)     "Roof repairs Shellharbour" or "Colorbond roof installation Shellharbour" or "Roof Painting Shellharbour"

3)     "Wollongong Wedding MC" or "Wollongong MC" or try “Wedding MC Shellharbour”

4)     "Concrete driveways Wollongong"

5)     “Denture clinic Wollongong”

6)     “Pressure Cleaning Wollongong”

7)     “Clothing alterations Wollongong”

8)     “Thai Restaurant Warrawong” or “Thai food home delivery Lake Heights”

9)     “Best Thai restaurant Thirroul” or “Thai restaurant Illawarra Northern suburbs” and see the results.


You can see, that in the case of the above client’s ads, they can be viewed directly from a Google search without the need to visit the directory first & are able to compete effectively against the larger more expensive directories. (Please be aware - the way Search engines index listings is completely outside of our control & as such we can never guarantee inclusion /positioning / page of listings on Google or other search engines – we can never, and will never, promise first page on Google).



If you have a website, it may also receive SEO ranking benefits from advertising with us:

Here is an independent article written about some additional benefits of listing your business with local online directories that you may find interesting.




Completes the Buying Cycle – A place where your business details can be found 24/7:

Irrespective of how they initially heard of a product, service or business, customers will often do homework on the internet before making a buying decision.

If you advertise your business on TV, Radio, Newspaper or elsewhere for awareness, it also pays to have a strong online presence. Having an informative website and quality advertising on local online directories such as www.wollongongbusinesses.com.au & www.shellharbourbusinesses.com.au helps to back up your other advertising campaigns to ensure that you’re the one who benefits from them & not your opposition. Of course our advertisers’ details can be found 24/7 which is not necessarily the case with some other forms of advertising.

A customer shared with me recently how happy they were that that they decided to advertise with us when they found out that their own website had "gone down" for over a week before they found out  about it. Our directory gave them the chance to be found online by potential and existing customers with a professional presence even though their own website was not operational during that time.


More Than Quality Online Directory Advertising:

For our advertisers who have Priority Packages, we occasionally place free posts on Social Media to reach an additional audience & to give you a greater online exposure (these posts will also link to your ad - see "ad examples" for more details). In addition to this, we provide a Business Referral Service – we essentially become an advocate for your business & regularly search through Facebook to find people looking for information on local businesses....just like yours. When we find such requests, where appropriate, we reply to these potential customers with appropriate info about your business & a link to your Priority ad so they can contact you - all at no extra charge. This all adds up to great value for money!


Get to Know us:


I've attached a few links for you so you can get better acquainted with Wollongong Businesses & Shellharbour Businesses - the first is to our home page





The next link will explain a little more about who we are and what we do





This link will give you of a few more reasons why it makes sense to consider using Wollongong Businesses / Shellharbour Businesses to help promote business to the local market





The final one is to our advertisement examples, which will explain the features & functionality for each of the ads and give you all the prices


https://www.shellharbourbusinesses.com.au/advertisement-examples  we also offer package deals when multiple purchases are made - please call for details.



We also offer these services for a small fee:

1.             If you’d like, we can help write the wording for your ad with our SEO Copy writing services - In consultation with you, we help write the wording for your ad. We provide you with a questionnaire to get your input. This questionnaire asks you to provide info about your business and among other things gets you to provide the key words and long tail keywords that you’d ideally like to rank for on Google – which will help with the search engine ranking of your ad. I can even build your ad for you if you’d like. Helping to write your wording is $150 per ad.


2.            We offer production of basic YouTube video clips from your photos with music, introduction and contact trailer. YouTube videos can help your content and with Google rankings and can be directly embedded onto your Priority A advertisement. see examples here 

  https://youtu.be/Ab6dd-sJ7IE   https://youtu.be/AjFZBboPibc   https://youtu.be/1uWcURVXYaI   Call me for a quote.


We could be that affordable “competitive edge” in the market that you’ve been looking for.


Thanks for taking the time to read over these details. I wish you all the very best & hope that we can help your business to be even more successful.



If you like what you’ve read & want to get started right away…..


Creating your advertisement on Wollongong Businesses or Shellharbour Businesses is an easy 3 step process.


1)     Visit https://www.wollongongbusinesses.com.au  & / or https://www.shellharbourbusinesses.com.au  (depending on where your business is based, or if your business is mobile – where you’d like your customer enquiries / leads from.

-      At the top right hand side of the homepage click the “register” button”


2)     Fill in the details – When you submit your details, an email will be sent to your inbox to verify your email address - On the email we send you, click the button to “activate your account”.


3)     Log into your account and follow the easy steps to build your ad by choosing the type of ad, category etc


If you like, I could also email you tips & tools on ways to create good content that will help your ad to work at its best. Just let me know.


If you have any questions or need any assistance at all, I’m here to help.  I look forward to being of service to you.

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